What Does EeZZer Deliver?



Because EeZZer works with specific (process) tasks, it is very clear to an employee what is expected during daily work. This clarity provides a sharp focus and an improvement in performance


Every employee has had the experience of not knowing how their work contributes to the course of the organization. Because EeZZer links the tasks of an employee to the goals of the organization, the employees know very well what their contribution is to the big picture. This generally leads to greater involvement of the employees in the organization.


Imagine an evaluation cycle without the awkward A4 pages or Excel spreadsheets. A personnel file and development plan where all actions, goals and agreements can be requested at any time of the day. With EeZZer you save the entire organization a lot of time (and therefore money) and everyone loves that.


Because EeZZer uses specific tasks and critical behaviors, the expectation pattern is transparent for both the employee and the manager. On the basis of this a clear development plan can be drawn up that meets the needs of the employee. This ensures that you as an organization can retain your employees easier.


With EeZZer you get the opportunity to look ahead: Which employees are inclined to leave your organization? Which skills predict good performance? What knowledge and skills do you lose by, for example, employees who are retiring? With EeZZer you collect data with which you can look further.


By evaluating on the basis of the detailed and specific job profiles within EeZZer, areas can quickly and clearly be identified where there is a need for training and development at individual as well as team or department level. This ensures that you as an organization can offer more targeted and effective training or education.


Because EeZZer uses tasks that are as clear and objectively defined as possible, they can be easily observed. This ensures that the dialogue between employee and manager is of higher quality.


EeZZer is a SaaS (Software as a Service), which means that the application is hosted in the cloud. This allows you to log in to the software at any time and from any computer with an internet connection. Of course, the security of your data has the highest priority. That is why our application is GDPR-proof and we pay a lot of attention to the encryption and the storage of your data.


Sometimes you may want to follow an employee more intensively than usual, because you are dissatisfied with the performance, for example, or for rewarding a high potential. With EeZZer you carefully record the performance (or lack thereof) in a digital personnel file.